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Zookeeper Zoe

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Zoe loves animals more than anything. In fact, she's an animal expert. When she discovers that the zoo is closed and the zookeeper needs help, Zoe knows just what to do. Can she cheer up all the animals and save the day? This engaging story is fun to read with your child and also contains a range of clever activities that work as simple checks, to help you work out whether your child may need help with their sight or if they have difficulty identifying particular colours. Created by Boots Opticians for children aged 4-6 in collaboration with celebrity dad, Peter Andre and the Literacy Trust.

État : Comme neuf, en savoir plus

Album illustrée, Broché, couverture souple, 30 pages

Boots Opticians, 2016, ISBN : 9780993558900

Langue : Anglais