Lauren Child

Charlie and Lola. But Excuse Me That Is My Book

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A partir de 5 ans

7-year old Charlie and the almost-5 Lola are brother and sister. This series shows at how they deal with the issues that arise in their daily life.

In this tale, Lola has become obsessed with Beetles, Bugs, and Butterflies, the best book in the whole world. It’s funny, it has pictures, and it is "very great and extremely very interesting." It’s the only book she wants to take out of the library.What will she do when she discovers that somebody else has borrowed her book?



État : Bon état, en savoir plus

Album Illustré, Broché, couverture souple, 34 pages

Puffin, Charlie & Lola, 2013, ISBN : 9780723287032

Langue : Anglais